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Organic Loitta Dry Fish 200gm

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Loitta Shutki (Dry Fish) – Organic and 100% Pure

Organically produced, Chemical and DDT free Loitta Dry Fish is brought to you by Khaas Food – directly from Cox’s Bazar. You can enjoy fresh dried Loitta Fish with the highest purity and supreme taste of the original dry fish from Khaas Food.  Loitta Shutki Organic and Pure Dry Fish
Organic Dry Fish is actually the fish which is very pure and safe to consume and is free from chemicals, insecticides, or any other harmful elements.
Khaas Food’s Organic Dry Fishes are dried inside a fully covered Mechanical Fish Dryer placed 40 feet above the ground level, where the heat and humidity are controlled scientifically to ensure the best quality. The good is, these organic dry fishes have achieved Bangladesh Govt.’s Fish Inspection and Quality Control Certificate. Again, BFRI & CVASU has approved Khaas Food’s organic dry fish as the pure and best quality dry fish in the market.
These organic dry fishes are produced in an ‘Update Mechanical Fish Dryer’ placed at least 40 feet up from the ground. As the dryer is covered with transparent celluloid and net – no insects or flies can enter into the dryer, so no preservatives or insecticides are required. The Humidity and Heat are properly controlled inside the dryer to keep the fish fibers intact and fresh. Update Agro Industry Ltd., Update Organic Agro Products, and Bangladesh Fish Research Institute (BFRI) jointly invented the Update Mechanical Fish Dryer to produce healthy and pure organic dry fish for the consumers!
Why is the Organic Dry Fish best for you?
  1. Organic Dry Fishes are fresh and healthy
  2. Fishes are properly cleaned before drying
  3. Highly enriched with protein (60% -65%)
  4. Low fat – great for health (5% to 8%)
  5. High quantity of healthy minerals
  6. No acidity after consumption, safe for all
  7. Free from preservatives and insecticides
  8. Regularly served at WFP (World Food Program)
  9. Higher in price, but healthiest organic dry fish in the market.
As Bangladesh is a country of rivers, dried fish is a very popular food in Bangladesh. Fish is dried for longer preservation and as dried fish contains more protein, vitamins as well as minerals than fresh fish which are necessary for good health – eating fresh dried fish is highly recommended by health advisors. Dried fish contains less amount of calories, saturated fat and cholesterol. So, consuming dried fish is good for the heart and different issues related to high blood pressure.
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