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Peanut Oil (চিনাবাদামের তেল) 200ml

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Peanut Oil
Peanut oil is an excellent oil for hair and skin care. Its powerful nutritional content and beneficial  properties work well to keep hair and skin well, It is also an excellent moisturizer for body skin. Good quality of peanut is collected and cleaned, then it is broken and collect oil. Our oil is collected from Natore. After collection we preserve it with filtering and bottled it without any  purification.
Benefits of Peanut Oil
1. Peanut Oil contains fatty acid, so it helps to eliminate any skin problems.
2. Peanut Oil has antioxidant capacity, it regulates body energy.
3. Peanuts contain Vitamin E. Vitamine E is extremely effective for the skin. It protects the skin from the sun burn.
4. Peanut Oil is a natural moisturizer, it has no chemical or preservatives.
5. Massage the muscle with peanut oil, it works effectively.
6. Peanuts maintain the blood suger in the body, so peanut oil is very beneficial for patients with diabetes.

178 reviews for Peanut Oil (চিনাবাদামের তেল) 200ml

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